Gain A Civil Engineering Qualification Through ICE

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get your passport to the world

Want to get your dream job, travel the world and make a difference?

If you’ve finished your degree and you’re serious about a career in civil engineering, we can help you on your way.

What makes civil engineering so special?

Civil engineering is not just about roads, tunnels and bridges; its about creating practical solutions for everyday people. From rebuilding towns and villages after natural disasters to creating hi-tech buildings in cities, civil engineers are at the heart of society.

Why is it important to be qualified?

Your degree might get you a job in civil engineering, but getting an internationally recognised qualification that demonstrates competence and professional commitment will:

  • Allow you to work around the world
  • Help you and your employer to win high calibre projects
  • Help to progress your civil engineering career

How do you become qualified?

You can gain a professional qualification through the Institution of Civil Engineering (ICE), a global membership organisation that promotes and advances civil engineering worldwide.

There are three stages to qualification:

  • Underpinning knowledge: your academic qualifications (e.g. degree or diploma)
  • Initial Professional Development: a period of structured work experience in civil engineering
  • A Professional Review: an independent assessment of your competence and professional commitment via an interview and written assignment

What to do next

If you’re interested in becoming part of a network of more than 80,000 members in 152 countries worldwide, apply now to become a graduate member.

As a graduate member you’ll get:

  • Support towards your professional qualification
  • Access to ICEs unique global network including country representatives in over 90 countries
  • A wide range of social and learning events worldwide
  • Access to MyICE members only online area
  • Free magazine New Civil Engineer International (NCEI)
  • Regular industry news and developments from ICE

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