Kaplan GRE Prep Course Review: Eveything You Need To Know!

Looking for detailed Kaplan GRE Reviews?. If you want to subscribe to an apt online GRE course and want to know whether Kaplan GRE would be the right choice, the following review is for you. It weighs all the pros and cons of Kaplan GRE, highlights the useful features and all that you want to know about the course.

Kaplan GRE is a full course that leaves nothing to the chance. With this course, students can expect to get all the structure and guidance that they actually need. When students think about preparing for GRE, Kaplan is the first thing that comes into their mind.

The course offers top-shelf quality video lessons, customized problems and it is reasonably priced. It has bag full of both pros and cons. Let us begin with the pros of the course.

Kaplan GRE Prep Course Pros:

Variety of Kaplan GRE Prep Courses That Have PLUS Tutoring Option:

The Kaplan GRE courses are the most widely acknowledged in person test prep. It offers GRE tutoring classes in 46 states.

If you are interested in the classroom structure but have a busy schedule, Kaplan GRE Prep would be the top most choice for you. The course offers the most location and timing options for the students preparing for GRE.

They also offer live online options for all those who prefer to learn from the instructor but do not have a test center nearby their homes. There are limitless options for time, days, and evenings and for weekends.

Apart from being available just anywhere and everywhere, Kaplan GRE Prep offers widest variety of packages. Right from offering students $49 rapid review live for GRE Math and month-to-month access to the Qbank, Kaplan quiz bank provides one-on-one tutoring packages that can fit in to the budget of every student.

Each course offered by the Kaplan GRE Prep has a choice of adding a “Plus” option which includes additional resources and private coaching and other resources for an extra $400. If students choose to opt for a self-paced course they have to shell out an additional $200.

If you choose to go in for a live Kaplan GRE Prep online course and add the plus package, you would get three hours of private tutoring for reviewing the practice tests, for setting up a study plan and for helping grad school applications.

Kaplan GRE Advanced Math and GRE Math foundation-self-paced courses are much popular among the other online self-paced courses in addition to the basic Live online course.

Kaplan GRE Provides High Quantity Study Materials:

Kaplan GRE has an edge over the other competitors because it offers the largest quantity of test and the practice materials. This is one of the biggest advantages of Kaplan GRE Prep.

You Get Full-length Practice Exams:

This feature of Kaplan GRE Prep cannot be underestimated. If you want to gauge your performance and want to improve it, you can take full-length practice tests.

Kaplan GRE Prep gives seven unique opportunities to its competitors unlike the other competitors that offer only 3 or 4. With Kaplan’s GRE Prep Smart Report you get a personalized breakdown of the practice test performance so that you can customize the study sessions accordingly.

Over 5,000 Practice Questions:

Kaplan quiz bank has more than 5,000 practice questions when compared to the 3,500 questions offered by the other competitors. The course offers students a unique opportunity to develop their GRE test taking skills.

Good Amount of Offline Resources:

Offline resources are offered to the students also. These resources include the GRE Premier, Course book edition, course verbal workbook, GRE pocket reference and more. The online course integrates flawlessly with the materials from the textbooks and it is designed to just complement each other. The Kaplan books are also available for sale.

GRE Channel for Live Streaming:

Kaplan GRE Prep offers a GRE channel for live streaming on demand and a number of interactive lessons plus instructions from the GRE experts. This is more live and interactive than their competitors. Right from the fundamentals to the most advanced skills, GRE channel enables the users to choose episodes, difficulty level and the topics that they need to watch.

Each week Kaplan GRE Prep offers 15-20 hours of the live programming each week starting from Monday through Friday. You can watch these episodes anytime. It offers customizable content without any hassles.

Students Can Get Customized Performance Analysis:

After you take the practice exam, Kaplan GRE Prep offers you a trademarked Smart Report that guides you to break down your individual performance so that your progress can be tracked and your strong and weak areas can be identified.

The course of Kaplan is elaborate and designed to let you know which specific area to study or improve on. This gives students ability to make the best possible use of their time.

Right from the dashboard of the Kaplan GRE Prep, you can go through the Smart Reports. A progress chart over there illustrates how your test scores over the time period and students can get over and all information about their percentiles. Once the students have identified three areas of strength and three areas of opportunities they can improve for the future and can perform better.

You Get Free Kaplan GRE Prep Resources:

Right from the Kaplan GRE Prep website, you can choose to get free information about the GRE and the graduate school application process for registering and getting free 20 minute work outs to try GRE practice questions, to get solutions and to get explanations.

So, a lot of free online GRE resources are also available to register 20-minute workouts for trying out GRE practice questions, to get solutions and to get explanations.

You can get access to live practice test options, on-demand practice tests, sample classes and a pop quiz etc.

Apart from the free resources on the website, Kaplan offers free GRE prep events that include online overviews, strategy sessions and the sample classes. Kaplan GRE Prep also gives you access to a free of cost starter pack also that offers a week long test out service.

Apart from the free resources available, Kaplan offers free GRE prep events that include online overviews, strategy sessions and sample classes etc. Kaplan also offers you a free of cost GRE Prep Starter Pack which offers you a week long test. Starter pack of the Kaplan includes on-demand lesson, a meticulously prepared study plan and skill building drills.

Higher Score Otherwise Guarantee of Full Money Refund:

If your GRE score does not improve once you are done with the Kaplan GRE Prep course, you are expected to get a full money refund.

Students who are not satisfied by their GRE test results for any reason must retake the same course and no additional fee is charged from them. Retaking the basic course is absolutely free but the discounted rates apply if tutoring option is added.

Students Get Official Test Day Experience:

Professional team of Kaplan acknowledges the fact that GRE success is much more than just preparation and students need to be comfortable with the environment to perform well on the GRE.

Kaplan GRE Prep is the only test provider which provides students with a practice test in an actual Promteric testing facility that gives confidence to the students and develops their familiarity. Hence students are better prepared for the examination day.

Additional Packages and Options – Kaplan GRE Prep

There are students that are actually not committed to the entire course or to the tutoring package. There are students also that need to brush up a few specific skill set and some others have different requirements.

Kaplan GRE Prep has packages for all. There are students who feel comfortable with the skills and do not understand the fundamentals. There are still others that practice their skills with GRE style questions. Kaplan has a package for all:

  • Access to their Qbank with more than 2500 practice questions
  • Just the official test day experience
  • A practice pack that has access to the full-length practice tests of Kaplan GRE Prep and a complete quiz bank.

There are certain students that do not have Math in high School. They offer a Rapid Review Live for GRE Math that can allow the students to refresh their skills. This is just a great way to get introduced to the Kaplan GRE Prep online courses.

Students can quickly review foundational Math Topics and learn GRE specific strategies from the expert professionals of Kaplan. Finally, GRE strategy review is offered which is meant for helping students prepare GRE questions efficiently. It is more or less like a timed quiz.

✔Tutoring Options at Kaplan Can be Customized:

One of the most desirable things about the Kaplan is the fact that Kaplan has designed their tutoring options to supplement the courses they have.

Students can make use of the classroom times, practice tests and quizzes to determine the things to focus on during the tutoring sessions or review anything that is covered in the classroom. These plans are flexible and can be easily customized according to the needs of the students. Also, they can be scheduled anytime suiting the time of the students.

Kaplan GRE Prep Course Cons:

Tutoring Options Offered are Costlier:

Though private tutoring option for the other GRE courses are expensive as well but if you add tutoring onto a course or choose any of the three tutoring packages, your prep course is likely to exceed $1000. You can add more than $2000, if you want to go with the private tutoring packages offered by Kaplan GRE Prep like 15, 25 or 25 hours.

Tutoring options are also inflexible. The course offers only tutoring packages and the students that are interested in just a few hours of studies; it is not the right option for them.

Starting Price of the Course is Higher:

Kaplan GRE Prep tries to keep its prices down. But, the starting price of Kaplan is higher than the other type of options. This is something which turns the students off.

Students Get Free Flashcard App:

The Kaplan Flashcard app is very useful and a great tool. Kaplan offers a general GRE test prep study app like Magoosh and similar other GRE course service providers. While it is possible to access the site using mobile, it is better suited for the computer rather than phones or tablets.

FAQs: Kaplan GRE Prep Review- All You Need To Know!

  • Is Kaplan good for GRE Preparation?

Kaplan is one of the top names that come into mind when students think of preparing for GRE. The course offers the top quality video lessons, custom practice, problem sets and a lot of resources that are reasonably priced.

What most of the students like about Kaplan’s self-paced course is that it provides digital or physical and primary work books that offer test-taking strategies and a number of practice tests for the verbal, essay and quantitative sections of the GRE. Students have the option to purchase these texts either online from the Amazon which is rather cheap and costs that around 14-15 bucks.

But students are encouraged to purchase books to combine their studies with online prep course of Kaplan. Online courses provide a solid structured study plans that can make a real difference in the preparation of GRE.

Kaplan offers online instructions via their students “Kap Test portal.” “ Online instructions are just the right way of saying pre-recorded videos which consist one-on-one styles lectures with mock class room demonstrations and exercises that last for a couple of minutes.

To put it in other words, users are accountable for their instructional processes as far as review of the materials is concerned. The videos feature GRE strategies and teaching which combine one-on-one style lectures with demonstrations, exercises and mock classrooms. These videos are very interactive and give students feeling of being in the classroom and watching through the screen.

Most important of all, Kaplan website known as KapTest is user-friendly. The materials that Kaplan offers are sectioned into lesson plans. There are four quantitative lessons and four verbal lessons. Each section of Kaplan partners with a chapter out of the digital or hard copy texts. If you need a structured study plan, Kaplan would be the best option for you.

GRE Prep classes are conducive to learning the skills necessary for the exam and to adapting the GRE style. It worked gradually from lower-end concepts to higher end concepts. This is true for the verbal section overview. For example KapTest, sections has Verbal 1a and 1b both are focused on vocabulary building.

There are sections like argumentative reading passages, analytical writing, verbal reasoning and more that are par excellence and offer the best quality content to the students. Those who want to grab the best quality content should go in for Kaplan GRE.

  • Is Kaplan Harder Than GRE? Are Kaplan Tests Harder?

Kaplan tests are slightly on the higher end of the difficulty spectrum. If you want to get a real simulation of the actual exam then the tests provided by ETS are the best deals. Kaplan tests are similar to the questions posed on the actual GRE tests. These questions are similar in the difficulty level to those asked in GRE.

  • How Much is Kaplan GRE Prep Course? Kaplan Free GRE Test

Kaplan Test Prep are well-known standardized test tutoring company which offers an eight week GRE Prep course for $1,09 in person or $799 online. With this GRE course, students can expect to receive a lot of free practice tests and a lot of questions.

  • What are the Greatest Merits of Kaplan GRE? How good is Kaplan for GRE?

✔The course offers a great value for money:

The combined package i.e. the book + CD + Online Materials, form a very exhaustive library of GRE questions that are created and compiled by Kaplan.

✔AWA Sections:

Greatest merit of Kaplan GRE Prep lies in its AWA section. The topics and responses are discussed elaborately. There is also an Immaculate Foundation and Content Review chapter under AWA section and this section discusses the pacing strategy like writing essay in half an hour or so and also the nuances of scoring.

✔Foundation and Content Review Chapters are in Detail:

Foundation and content review chapters under both verbal and quant sections are detailed and beginner friendly. Theoretical coverage on the topics is discussed in detail.

✔Answers are discussed in detail and are very helpful

Practice tests are utterly important and help the students to do SWOT analysis and monitor their progress as they study.

Can features of Kaplan GRE Prep be Improved for the Better?

There are certain things that can be improved in Kaplan like the following:

  • Difficulty level of the questions especially in the quantitative or Math section. The section can be improved and the practice test set questions are also at par with the questions offered by the other top performing GRE courses like ETS.
  • There is a useful section called “Kaplan Method of Problem Solving” It is much better alternative that can be found in ETS.
  • The questions on the test offered by Kaplan lack the quality offered by Manhattan Prep and ETS.

Final Verdict:

Both online and traditional learners can benefited from Kaplan’s customizable GRE prep courses. It is a self-paced option that suits the self-motivated students who want flexibility in the online programs without classes to attend or homework assignments that are due on a particular day.

The seven full-length practice exams and the Smart-report performance analysis feature helps the students to identify their strengths and weak points. They can customize their study plans to achieve a higher GRE score.

There are in-person and live online options that enable a lot of one-on-one opportunities for interacting with the instructors and for putting on queries. Private tutoring option is also available for the students who need additional help.

Limited three month access means that the course is available for the students who want to take the course in the near future of 3-4 months. Kaplan GRE Prep expert teachers help the students to raise their scores and help them fare better.

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