Life Sciences : Marijuana To Be Given To German Patients

BRUSSELS, Dec 8th (Reuters) – Medical cannabis will be distributed in Germany by Fagron Germany, a unit of Belgian medical wholesaler Arseus NV, as of today, Arseus said in a statement on Monday.

Fagron Germany has an exclusive license for the import and distribution of medical cannabis, or marijuana, in Germany, Arseus said.

It added that Fagron Nederland has been active in the Netherlands”s medical cannabis market since 2003.

An increasing number of German doctors are interested in prescribing medical cannabis to certain patients, Arseus said.

Politicians there have recently decided to make the drug available to patients in some cases, according to the company”s statement.

Proponents of the medical use of marijuana say the plant relieves suffering or symptoms from illnesses which include AIDS, glaucoma, cancer and multiple sclerosis. The drug remains illegal, both for medical and recreational purposes, in most of the world.

Arseus”s product line includes dental chairs, hospital beds, surgical instruments and pharmaceutical ingredients. The company also offers IT services for the medical industry. Arseus had been a subsidiary of health products distributor Omega Pharma, and listed on the Euronext Brussels and Amsterdam in October 2007.

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