Working Abroad

International assignments: careers advice

Does a career as an international jet-setter appeal? Although not without its difficulties, as Mary van der Boon explains, working on assignment in a different country to your own can be a very rewarding experience.

International assignments: Returning home

Working abroad may sound glamorous but if you do not plan your assignment carefully, it could hinder your career upon return. Emma Bird finds out why.

International assignments: business etiquette

Stepping off the plane to do business with foreign colleagues is always exhilarating. But, as Emma Bird explains, find out about the social norms beforehand.

Cross-border job applications

Finding work in another country goes beyond translating your CV into the right language or preparing it in the Euro CV format. Emma Bird discovers why.

Advice on living abroad

Everyday life can suddenly become complicated when you move abroad. Emma Bird provides the information to make it that much easier.

Your EU work rights

It has never been easier to live and work in another European country. Emma Bird provides the lowdown on your rights as a migrant worker.

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