Basic Tips While Travelling Abroad

Find tips about baggage, culture, making calls abroad and more…

With the progression in the tourism industry, travelling around the world has become more affordable. As travelling has become an expression of leisure and relaxation, people dont only travel for work or business.

Following are some helpful tips to plan well if you decide to travel to a new country:

Your Identity

Only if you have a proof- identity, you can be known as a recognized citizen of your home country. While you are travelling or if you are in another country, you may be asked to present your proof- identity in an unexpected situation. Hence it is advisable to always carry your passport or driving license that can help to prove your recognition- citizenship, age, etc.

Your Suitcases

Check with relevant consulates in your home country before you leave. Know the right rules from the right source. Your flight operator can answer queries such as restriction on luggage, what to carry, etc. Every country is different in their rules and checking procedure. Some countries do not allow perishable food items on flights. Get your facts clear.

New Culture & Food

It’s often useful to understand or get to know different cultures, traditions and beliefs of a foreign place. For example, some Arab countries have preferred dress codes.

A translation dictionary can always help you to learn the language around you. It’s usually appreciated if you can also speak simple words like Thank you’, ‘Hello’, etc with the locals.

When it comes to food, try to eat healthy meals and not just junk. Most places offer a variety of options such as restaurants, bars, fast food places and take-aways which cater for all budgets.

Guide books often contain information about eating out such as where to go, how much to tip etc…


Communicating while travelling or settling aboard is one of the important things that you could be doing. Today, with the advent of the latest technologies many calling services offer you cheap international call rates .

Hence it’s convenient to keep in touch with people. Some countries even have the benefit of free calling, discounts and offers. So it is easier to stay in contact with your family or organize a business call while you are travelling.

Places Around You

Discovering new places is exciting, relaxing and it keeps you occupied during your free time. Contact a travel agency or a travel planner to guide you. The internet is a good source to help you with information. Local newspapers and magazines often have special offers and travelling tips too.

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