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MBA salaries strong amongst global 200 Top Business Schools

According to a new report featuring the World’s 200 top business schools, published on on 12th October, an MBA remains the most recession proof qualification, with an average MBA salary reported by employers in Europe of $87,500.

Pharmaceutical companies reported the highest average base MBA salary this year at US$92,264, followed by financial services paying US$90,926, consulting paying US$87,627, technology firms paying US$85,815 and general industry paying average MBA salaries of US$82,443.

Many top Business schools report alumni salaries significantly above these averages. The following business schools all feature in the Global 200 Top Business Schools. They are also among the 100+ schools attending the QS World MBA Tour and TopMBA Connect 1-2-1 events taking place across Europe throughout October and their alumni are paid among the highest MBA salaries for their country.

Table: MBA Salaries (US$) Reported By B-Schools in Different Countries (Latest Reported Figures)


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The QS Global 200 Top business schools are chosen by 2,145 employers worldwide, the largest ever MBA employer survey, based on their experiences and preferences for hiring MBAs.

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