Red Bull Internships

Red Bull is offering five people the opportunity to get inside the world of Formula One and join current World Champions, Red Bull Racing, on a one month internship this summer.

The five internships, in the departments of Aerodynamics, Electronics, Marketing, I.T. and Procurement will provide the successful applicants with a first-hand insight into what it takes to power one of the world’s most successful teams and give them the opportunity to make a difference and contribute to that success.

Forget perfecting the art of making tea and coffee, each new member of the team will gain invaluable experience that will help them progress in their career and create memories that will last a lifetime; whether it’s getting stuck in at the cutting-edge factory in Milton Keynes, playing a role at a Red Bull Racing event or even watching the drivers on race day.

The successful applicants will each learn from experts in their chosen field and will be given projects that could potentially mean the difference between first and last, in a sport where every hundredth of a second counts.

And the good news for the thousands of young people worried about a lack of practical experience is that this application process does not require a five page CV and years of relevant work experience. Instead, to apply for this once in a lifetime opportunity, interested candidates can head to where they will be asked to complete a series of tasks in a challenging online test.

The test, which will assess a multitude of skills ranging from mental arithmetic to perseverance to reaction times, will put the potential interns through their paces to see if they’ve got what it takes to be part of the Red Bull Racing team.

Those who receive top marks in the game will be invited to apply for up to two of the five available positions, with the interview process of shortlisted applicants beginning in June at Red Bull Racing’s factory in Milton Keynes.

Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner said:
“We understand that a lack of experience can be a barrier for many young people trying to enter the job market. That’s why Red Bull is opening up these opportunities to anyone, whatever their experience, to be a part of a winning team and join us here at Red Bull Racing. We are looking for individuals with a hunger to succeed and a passion for what they do. We believe this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the individuals to demonstrate their potential and learn valuable skills and hopefully they will grab that opportunity with both hands.”

Red Bull Racing Formula One driver Mark Webber said:
“An internship at Red Bull Racing would be one of the best summer jobs you could have.”

Aerodynamics: The intern will work with the team that seeks to make the best aerodynamic package on the grid. Experience gained will include designing and manufacturing components for the Team’s wind tunnel model

Electronics: The intern will work with the team that is responsible for the design, build, installation and support of the on-car electrical electronics system. Experience gained will include working in one or all of the four sub groups, either design, manufacturing, support and test and inspection

Marketing: The intern will work with the Team’s busy Marketing department and all associated areas. Experience gained will include getting involved with all marketing activities such as communications, hospitality, Partner management and brand management

I.T.: The intern will work with the team that is responsible for developing the applications needed to design, make and race the car. Experience gained will include working with the underlying computer infrastructure which supports those applications

Procurement: The intern will work with the team that is responsible for obtaining all the items that the team needs to go racing, which aren’t made in-house. Experience gained will include sourcing products, talking with suppliers and engineers and being the face of the Team as required

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