Entrepreneurs Present Uni Wars – Battle Of Bristol

Uni Wars – Battle of Bristol is the first event organised by The Student Company, a team of aspiring entrepreneurs on UWE Bristol’s innovative BA Business (Team Entrepreneurship) degree.

The event will see students from UWE Bristol and University of Bristol embracing the friendly local rivalry in a series of games and challenges throughout the night.

The Student Company is the main project for Team LTRL. Team spokesperson, Robert Wilson explains why they have chosen this market. He said, “From the beginning, we decided to focus on a market that we know well.

We wanted to create something for our fellow students, the City of Bristol already has the established Varsity series between the two Universities and we figured that this would be a good addition to this year’s schedule.”

Project manager, Kieran Lane has high hopes for its success “We’ve had a lot of interest in the event and hope to take the brand of Uni Wars to other university cities, starting with Southampton.”

From event and budget management to marketing, PR and even graphic design, the team entrepreneurs are developing these and other key skills on a daily basis on this innovative practice based degree.

Team entrepreneurs meet in a high-tech ‘hub’ rather than a traditional classroom, with areas for team meetings, workshops and ideas sessions. Assessment is based on learning and applying ideas and concepts in their projects, rather than on exams, and the businesses are registered companies with actual year on year financial targets.

Currently Bristol Business School alongside Northumbria University are the only Universities in the UK to offer this degree.

Four months into the new course, Team Entrepreneurship Coach and Course leader, Carol Jarvis explains the appeal of the course. She said, “The programme attracts dynamic and talented young people who are motivated to learn by doing.

From idea generation, they are learning to form and work effectively in diverse teams. The feedback from each project provides valuable opportunities for learning and growth.”

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