Cabin Crew Jobs At British Airways

British Airways has received a record 9,000 applications for cabin crew
positions, since it opened its doors to new recruits just two months ago.

CVs have flooded in from across the UK and three times as many women have
applied for roles as men. There has also been a marked rise in the number
of candidates from the public sector.

Teams of people, including existing cabin crew, have been drafted

in to work through the thousands of applications from hopeful candidates.
Bill Francis, British Airways’ head of inflight customer experience, said:
“We’ve been delighted at the number and high calibre of applications we
have received.

At British Airways we look for the ‘best of the best’ and with an overwhelming number

of applications from police officers, nurses, teachers, army personnel and hospitality experts –

we are confident that British Airways will continue to set the highest standards in the sky.”
The airline currently employs 14,000 cabin crew and in 2013 will recruit
hundreds more to join its existing teams in anticipation of the arrival of
new Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 aircraft in to its fleet.

New recruit Johan Velasquez, who was a nurse prior to joining British
Airways, said: “I’ve always had a love of planes, and the hustle and bustle
of travelling. I’ve been a nurse and wanted a job where I can explore the
world applying some of the skills I’ve learned and caring for people.”

Nigel Partridge, who has worked for British Airways for two years as cabin
crew and was previously a police officer, said: “I’d been with the Met
Police for 30 years working in a range of exciting roles, but on retiring I
was looking to do something different when I saw the advert for British

Airways cabin crew. I love my job with the airline – I’m still serving the
public, but in a different way, and I get to see the world and meet amazing
people. It’s quite a change but I’m glad I did it. I loved it so much I
convinced my son, Mark to join too!”

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