Best GRE PREP Courses Of 2021: [ Best Online Study Guide ]

What GRE prep course is best? When you choose the right GRE Prep or Graduate Record Examination, you would be able to score high and can expect to get graduated from the school of your dreams.

But, like most of the other students you spend hours in studying, have a hard time in finding the right study material and do not know the best suited courses for you, this article is meant for you. It is very important to find the study material which is best suited to your learning style.

GRE prep courses are available in different forms. Some of these courses are live-streamed online sessions and some others are held in person and there are yet others that can be customized according to the study plans you have in mind.

There are a wide variety of courses available for the aspirants. Some of these courses are budget friendly and some are expensive. Some have really good material and instructions and other lack these. To help you take the right decision, we have come up with a review here.

The present ratings and reviews end your confusion and will help you choose the most suited course for you:

Best GRE Prep Courses Review

Best GRE Prep Courses Review – Top GRE Prep Course Guide

Best GRE Prep Courses Review – Top GRE Prep Course Guide

Magoosh GRE

Target TestPrep

Kaplan GRE

Achievable GRE

Princeton Review GRE


Manhattan Prep Course

Veritas Prep Live Classes for GRE


Baroon’s GRE


PowerScore GRE Course

The Economist GR

Magoosh GRE:

One course that beats all the other types of GRE courses is Magoosh. It gives you the best bang for your buck because of its high affordability, accessibility and guarantee of great score in GRE. It is indeed a very lucrative option when compared to so many other expensive courses that can rob students out of their wits. There may be other courses as well that can promise to give you more value but Magoosh GRE is prep course beats the rest in terms of popularity.

In terms of Price: A budget-friendly option: Magoosh GRE program has an unmatched quality and offers the best-suited study material at a low price. In just 149$ students can have access to more than 200 video lessons, 1200 practice questions and as many as 3 practice exam. The course is a good bargain in the market where students are charged a good sum of money in terms of quality.

Intuitive and User-friendly Interface: Clear and Easily Accessible: The course has the most user-friendly online platform. Students can have view at progress charts and recommended lessons which are based on the completed practice questions to enable the users to have access to the key course features. They can have access to the bulk of the course material here and can think of getting access to the engaging video lessons and the quizzes that can be customized. Dash board is user friendly, has a stellar overall interface and easily accessible to anyone with internet connection.

Best Customer-care Support: Magoosh has a great repute for building direct interactions with the students. Whenever students are logged in, they are able to see an in-built tab which makes it easy to submit any questions to the team instantly. This is a great feature which makes Magoosh easy to use and send e-mail or messages.

Easy to Understand Instructions: Each practice problem that Magoosh provides has both the written and video explanations which make GRE concepts accessible and engaging to all the learners.

Final Verdict:

Over and all, a great GRE course and the most sought-after one because of high quality material and great web optimization! Great customer-care service, low price and quality material offers a great overall value.

Target TestPrep:

It is one of the top-rated GRE courses that you can sign-up. It has over 800 video solutions that cover all that you ever want to know about the strategies you need to take up to crack the quantitative section of GRE. Aspirants are happy to take up this course.

You get 30 Plus Hours of High-quality Video Experience: This is the biggest pluses of the course. You get to learn from the knowledgeable masters as soon as you sign up with the course. When you choose to sign up with Target TestPrep, you get choose from more than 800 video solutions about top mathematical strategies that you would need to crack the quantitative section of GRE. You can choose to check out videos and webinars on the Target Plus.

The course is focused primarily for providing practice for the quant aptitude section. You just have to focus on only single aspect of the exam. With this course, you are able to get the best quant instructions that you need. The course will help you know whether your verbal skills are up to the mark or not.

Live Tutoring: When you need live tutoring option to clear up your confusions, you can choose Target Test Prep. You can choose to connect with the personal tutor via WebEx or Skype. This personal tutoring help can be sought for clearing up any type of confusions that you may have. You can choose to get additional 10-20 hours of extra personalized coaching.

Money-back Guarantee: This Prep course offers you both 5-day limited trial and money back guarantee too in case you are not satisfied with the course. The best thing about the course is that it claims a total refund in case your score does not improve after applying for the course.

Target Test Prep is a great option for all those who are looking for improving verbal section of GRE. It is a great help for improving quantitative section of the exam,

Final Verdict:

Personalized study plan of Target Test Prep is one of the most lucrative points of the course. It is designed especially for those who prepare for the quantitative section. They offer live tutoring options that offer live tutoring options and individual attention.

Kaplan GRE:

When it comes to offering you top-shelf quality video lessons, Kaplan GRE is the best choice. You get top-shelf quality video lessons, custom practice problem solving set and adequate amount of resources all bundled up at a great price here.

Guarantee of a High Score: You get an opportunity to retake this course if your score does not improve. Make very sure that you know all the top conditions for getting a better score in GRE.

High-level of Experience: Princeton is the most established companies offering GRE courses. Since 1981 it has been preparing students to achieve their dreams. Hence they follow a tailor-made approach for providing everything that a student needs.

High-quality Practice Material: Kaplan is pretty confident about the materials they offer. The course helps you find out what exactly is asked in the GRE. This enables you to improve your test taking abilities. The course provides you with a quiz bank that offers you a wide range of customized quizzes and you can easily choose to pick up the areas that you want to focus on. On taking 7 full-length practice examinations, you get loads of opportunity to practice all the strategies that are needed to prepare for the exams.

Comes with a Flashcard App: The course has a flashcard app which is great for iOS and for the Android devices. You can choose to have access to 500 flashcards which include a wide range of practice sets comprising of vocabulary words, sample sentences, definitions and a lot more. You can track your performance statistics with your Smartphone easily.

Official Test Day Experience: You can choose to take a practice test to know your Prometric testing facility. This will give you an edge to pass the test and know where exactly you stand.

The only drawback that the course has the high price tag it has. You can get similar GRE course for a lesser price as well.

Final Verdict:

Kaplan offers you the most comprehensive course available in the market. It features a large number of question bank but the only drawback that this course has its high price tag.

Achievable GRE:

Achievable is a clear-cut leader when it comes to the amount of quizzes and practice sessions they offer. They not only offer you a fixed question bank but they generate an endless supply of practice quizzes also. They have 120 plus question templates and a step-by-step solution of each.

Advanced-level of Personalization: Achievable makes use of adaptive learning techniques to create a personalized model of your memory. They have a useful learning engine which keep track of and monitors your learning progress and it also prioritize your quiz questions to make very sure that you are focusing on the topics which actually matter and help you crush GRE with ease. With the help of this test you can prioritize things to be more focused on which brighten your chances to achieve success.

Clean and Responsive Platform: Whether you are preparing for GRE on web or on Smartphone, Achievable user interface is so clean and responsive that you can easily track the chart and get to know your strength and progress with the help of progress chart.

It helps you build strong vocabulary: This course does not focus on the definitions of the individual word definitions also. Achievable takes a tailor-made approach to vocabulary by grouping more than 1500 vocabulary. You would be quizzed by this course to help you recognize similar words that builds up your vocabulary.

There is a drawback of this course and that you do not get video lessons. Apart from that, there is nothing wrong about the content of Achievable. Online lessons of Achievable are easy to read and include references from the external sources. It has straightforward easy to follow step by step instructions.

Final Verdict:

Achievable is just perfect for the people who are focused on learning by practicing. It has a modern platform which makes the entire course easier to follow and thoroughly enjoyable. It makes use of adaptive learning methods to help students achieve high scores. If you want to learn from comprehensive GRE course, Achievable GRE will be the best choice.

Princeton Review GRE:

This is one of the most reputed companies for test-prep business ever since 1981. It has helped students achieve their dreams and get admitted to the schools of their dreams. If you are looking for a thorough professionalism, this course will be best suited for you.

A Lot of Practice Test Papers: The good thing about this GRE course is that you get to practice a lot. Princeton offers 8-full length computer adaptive practice tests that give students a more thorough and simulated practice which is better than other types of self-paced GRE prep courses. After each of the test, students receive a feedback to evaluate their progress and expect to get a personalized essay feedback.

✅Money back Guarantee: This GRE course guarantees that you would be fully satisfied with the results. If you do not think that your score is improving, you can ask for a full-fee refund. The course guarantees a refund.

There is a drawback to this course and that there are no question-banks for the quizzes to test yourself between the full-length practice exams. There are several competitors that do offer question banks allowing the students to create quizzes focusing on the specific areas.

Final Verdict:

A top notch online course that guarantees you has time-to-time feedback for your practice AWA essays. It is a well-rounded option for those preparing for GRE.


PrepScholar is one of the most-sought after GRE courses that promise a 160-point score improvement from your previous test score. The course is customized according to the needs of the students. When compared to the other GRE courses offered online, PrepScholar offers aspirants more practice sets or course format options.

Year-Long Access: The course has the longest access period of any top GRE prep course offered online. This is the best thing about this course. They have an unlimited package which are most expensive and come with lifetime access. Students can have access to this course any time round the year they like.

Budget Friendly: It is the most affordable course that you can have. It offers you the most popular GRE prep course that includes ample amount of practice questions, two practice tests and video lessons. You can get a year of access for just $38.

Improvement Guarantee Offered or Full Money Refund: PrepScholar offers you the best score improvement and it claims to help students 7 points at the least or higher. If they do not achieve the score, they get the guarantee of full money refund.

Highly Qualified Instructors: Instructors of the PrepScholar are highly qualified and have scored at least 99% on GRE and hence they can teach the very best to the students by virtue of their experience.

The practice tests offered by the PrepScholar make use of GRE courses. They are high in quality and computer adaptive tests that can stimulate GRE but you can take only two of them through PrepScholar while there are other courses as well where you can take a lot of test sets.

Manhattan Prep Course:

Manhattan Prep course gives students in-depth materials to study for each area of the exam. With this course you can have access to each area of the exam.

A thoroughly comprehensive course: This course gives students a number of in-depth materials for studying each area of the exam. They can have access to more than 27 hours of the video lessons; can have strategy guide books covering all important areas of the exam, the official guide to the GRE book and as many as 6 practice exams that makes it a well-rounded course which has good amount of practice material.

Video Lessons that covers the curriculum are downloadable: The course gives students ability to study from anywhere they want. Their on-demand video lectures can be streamed live or can be downloaded to the iPad or computer so that students can study when they are on the go. These HD videos are easy to follow. The curriculum is based exactly on the questions of the exams and they are updated on a regular basis. High HD videos are offered which are easy to follow.

High Quality Practice Tests: Apart from in-depth lessons and appropriate study materials, Manhattan offers high-quality practice tests. These test series are similar to those offered on the actual GRE exams. Some students actually report that the practice tests are more challenging than the actual test sets. Each practice test has a detailed score report that closely evaluate performance of the students.

Smaller Classes and Highly Qualified Instructors: The course is prepared meticulously with all the possible care. Highly qualified instructors are knowledgeable and well-trained. They cover all the areas of GRE carefully.

✅No Refund Policy is the only drawback: The course states on the websites are non-refundable and the company does not have the policy to provide you refunds to the students for whatever reason.

Final Verdict:

This online comprehensive course covers all the bases and help students score high in the exams. It is highly rated and though the course cannot said to be as efficient as Kaplan or Princeton Review, it contains a lot of practice problems. Material of the course is quite difficult and ensures that you are prepared for GRE.

Veritas Prep Live Classes for GRE:

Veritas Prep’s Live Classes for GRE helps you score better in the exams. These instructors receive great rankings and reviews from a number of sites. So, when you are enrolled with the course, you can expect to be taught from highly experienced and well-trained instructors.

Veritas Prep offers a lot of course options for prospective GRE test-takers, you can use the Self-study plan to go at your own pace. Veritas Live Class offers on-demand plus and on demand plus admission packages that include several hours of tutoring or admission guidance apart from GRE course material.

Different Course Options: Veritas Prep offers ample number of courses for prospective GRE test-takers, you can make use the Self Study plan to go at your own pace, a Live Class to learn from instructor, a private tutoring package which offers one to one access to GRE expert. Moreover, the course has an on-demand plus and on demand plus admission packages that include several hours of tutoring or a through admission guidance apart from offering you the right kind of GRE course material.

You Get a Full-course Curriculum: Veritas Prep offers a full-course curriculum and you can get access to the Self study course material as well. A student taking Live GRE classes get access to the self study course material here depending on their tutoring package.

Final Verdict:

Veritas Prep has a 5-point improvement guarantee with their Live Classes. If you need absolute insurance to improve your GRE score, you would have to go with the live online course format they have. Though the course lacks a universal-score guarantee, any student can be benefited from in-depth GRE curriculum.

examPAL GRE:

The course is highly rated and it is tagged as one of the most sought-after GRE courses. It is a better way to prepare for the standardized courses like GRE and GMAT. The course uses artificial intelligence to make the students smarter and helps them achieve a high score. This online GRE prep focuses the practice where it has the best influence on your score.

Personalization Algorithm: Also referred as PALgorithm, patented technology helps the students to personalize the course so that it can fit their schedule, level and the way they think. It teaches the solutions that are best fitted to the students and provide them real-time feedback on how to improvise.

ExamPAL believes that students who answer GRE questions make use of three methods. Precise: (able to answer outright without taking help of multiple choices, Alternatives (using the process of elimination by plugging in the right answer choices) or Logical (able to use outside information to assess and then answer). Each student is inclined towards a certain approach and examPAL locates that preferences to tailor-made the lessons.

Affordability as Well as Flexibility: ExamPAL offers 6-week, 6-month and one-year plans ranging from $189, $299 and $599. No matter how much time you need to devote on studying, examPAL has always plan that can fit in to your schedule at an affordable rate.

You Get Admission Consultancy: The course has 6-month and a one year plan which include a rare feature: access to one to one consultancy session with a professional graduate school admission counselor. Getting into your dream graduate school is not a difficult task even when you have crushed GRE exam. You get in-built guidance for taking your journey further.

You get Additional Services: Each of the examPAL test paper has a plan which comes with credits that students can exchange for the practice set question and tests. Students can exchange them for unique additional bonus services like they can get extra essay reviews, they can get private tutoring sessions and they can also get expert assessment of their progress and tailor-made study plans.

ExamPAL makes use of a unique approach. However, the course has one drawback only. It is a bit short in terms of the practice resources it has. You can make use of the credits to buy extra practice tests and questions. The course also lacks features like flashcards and a mobile app and the course offers just 1500 practice questions as compared to the 5,000 offered by others.

Final Verdict:

ExamPAL offers a great price for the top-notch services and a total guarantee of improvement. You get options to access the personal resources also. If you do not need mobile app and flashcards for your study plan, examPAL is the best option.

Baroon’s GRE:

This online GRE tests are considered to be the best in terms of format and in terms of the degree of difficulty. These tests are available in both the timed as well as untimed practice modes. You can have access to the answer explanations as you go through each test in the practice mode. At the end, you would see a scoring screen with the results.

Get Ample Amount of Practice Tests: Tests taken by the Baroon’s GRE are similar to the actual GRE test papers that you get. These tests are same in length and in the degree of difficulty. The manual also reviews all the different types of GRE test topics like analogy, antonym and sentence-completion. Barron’s study materials have enough practice tests.

Offers You Good Value for Money: The combined package comprises of book and a lot of free online GRE courses. Most suited one for a beginner.

Its Greatest Merit Lies in the Chapter Reviews: The chapters are covered in great detail and the best thing about this course is that the chapters are bolstered with a large number of solved examples. You can expect to get the best and the most extensive text.

Detailed and Helpful Solutions: If like many others you also make trivial errors which are hampering your preparation then, you can expect to get detailed and helpful solution in Baroon’s GRE which proves to be immensely helpful in letting you prepare the very best you can.

Stress on Vocabulary Building: Apart from being budget friendly, one of the biggest advantages of Baroon’s GRE is the fact that it lays stress on the vocabulary building. This is an area where most of the students lag behind.

Final Verdict:

Though the course is comprehensive it leaves a lot of things to be desired when it is compared to the tests offered by Manhattan, Kaplan or Princeton. Apart from that, coverage of AWA section is not par with other top-selling GRE courses available in the market. Overall, it is a good starter.


This online GRE course offers a wide variety of standardized tests that are not limited to the preparation of GRE online. The course is best suited for the preparation of GMAT and Engineering exams. All the TestMasters courses are well-regarded and super-effective. Students are offered in-person classes and this online program can offer you the best course content and hence it is high in demand.

Best Suited for GRE:

TestMasters can be opted for other graduate programs also. It is one of the best suited courses for GRE and the right choice since all the study material is crafted by the experts after a thorough analysis. It makes use of the best adaptive testing strategies to help students score the best.

Best GRE Preparation Materials:

Testmasters offers its students the best GRE preparation manual which contains a number of questions and topics from the actual tests. All the students who are enrolled in the TestMasters get custom-designed manual which no other company offers.

This GRE manual contains quantitative and verbal question from seven actual GRE General Tests and a number of analytical writing topics. It includes information, structure of the test and answering procedures etc.

The Course Offers the Best One-to-One Sessions:

Each Testmasters course covers the material which is tailored according to a particular format. It also offers additional tutoring if needed.

Testmasters Guarantees the Best Results:

The course offers a 10-point minimum score increase. So, once students take up this course they can be assured for the best results.

Final Verdict:

TestMasters make classes available for the busy students who want to take GRE. The course is available for the weekends and offers the aspirants a practical choice to prepare for GRE. Over and all it is a highly rated course and one of the most popular ones as well!

PowerScore GRE Course:

PowerScore ranks among the top LSAT prep companies when it comes to available content. The two most comprehensive course option offers between 81-125 hours of instructions in addition to the study books and all the released LSAT questions.

A dedicated Tutor:

PowerScore will provide you a tutor who is dedicated to locate and meet your needs. Whether you need an expert in-person, online or over the phone, you can get a personal GRE expert that can devote a good amount of time on you as an individual.

Private One-to-One Tutoring:

There is a student-teacher ratio of 1 to 1. With private tutoring, you will be able to learn what you want one by one. You can select a tutoring package and can learn comprehensive text with the extensive resources available before you.

You can pick your time and place:

As an aspirant, you would be able to decide how many hours you want to study. PowerScore will work to match you with a tutor who will meet at the times and the locations that fit your life.

Get Enhanced Level of Flexibility With Live Online Classes:

Live online tutoring offered by PowerScore takes care of the entire person tutoring that students need. You can get customized expert instructions and can get live interactive sessions. You just do not need to travel. All you have to do is to just log in and learn. PowerScore is a trusted Live Online GRE platform.

Final Verdict:

PowerScore is a top rated and a popular online GRE course. The best thing about the course is that every second of each section of PowerScore is tailored to your questions and concerns that make sure you get closer to your target score.

The Economist GRE:

This course is one of the best online programs which are designed primarily for helping the aspirants of GRE. It also covers sections that can help you prepare for the test comprehensively. There are some test prep courses that charge huge additional fees for the service.

But this online GRE program has time messaging with the real tutors. Messaging with the tutors is done through in-app messaging system. In this online program you can get up to 6 live one-on-one video tutoring sessions.

Enough Practice Material:

The course offers as much as 6 full length tests depending on the plan that you choose. The course has as many as 5,000 practice questions and it makes use of adaptive learning technology which helps students focus on the areas that they find difficult to cope up with. This is a personalized learning system which is one of the best ways to use it. The more students use this practice material, the better they can practice.

✅Mobile Friendly Online Program:

It has a mobile and tablet-friendly interface and a great option for the students on the move. It has 20 minutes for quicker study session.

Final Verdict:

The only drawback that the Economist has is that it is a new entrant in the market with a wide-variety of features. But, it is not impeccable and has its own share of flaws. Premium plan of the economist is highly recommended and Ultimate plan is needed for those that need additional tutoring help.

FAQs Section: GRE Prep Course Guide

There are a lot of questions that students keep on coming up with from time to time. Unleashed here are answers of a few commonly asked questions:

Should I take a GRE Prep course? Which GRE prep course is best?

GRE Prep classes are worth taking. The payoff that you actually get from it outweighs the cost incurred on it. While there are courses that teach exactly the same techniques there are some key areas that these courses do not address. If you are preparing for GRE, you actually have a very few options.

Some students choose to take up the course without preparing and a large number of them study the entire course by themselves. There is no doubt that hard work pays but they lack the right direction. They cannot create practice questions like an expert does and hence this approach is also not super admirable.

The third approach is the test material prepared by the professional experts. Well-known GRE prep courses are the best way to prepare to GRE. These courses are available in different forms. Some of these courses include live-streamed online sessions, some are held in person while there are some others that offer customizable study plans.

These courses offer a wide-range of helpful things to the aspirants. Whether they need interactive videos to learn faster, flashcards or reading materials, they can get all.

There are wide varieties of course types also. Some of the courses are super expensive and others are budget-friendly. For instance, if you go in for Magoosh GRE that includes a 5-point score improvement guarantee and six months of self-paced learning, you need to shell put only $149 for it. It is indeed the cheapest and the best online GRE course.

There are plenty of options that are budget friendly and give you a lot of practice questions to help you prepare better. Online GRE courses are the best way to prepare and get braced up for the exams.

What is the best and the most popular GRE Prep Course?

Each of the GRE prep courses has something or the other to offer. There are plenty of options available and the students tend to get confused about what to choose. If similar is the situation with you, you should make a meticulous online research work to read the reviews and see which course will give you the best value.

Magoosh GRE is the top-rated course which is affordable, accessible and guarantees a great score. It has a lot of positive reviews and students consider it as the best online course that can cater all their needs easily.

What is the most budget friendly option to prepare for GRE Prep Course?

If you think that investing in GRE Prep Courses is expensive, there are a lot of options available before you that are both budget and calendar friendly. If you want the best bang for your buck, Magoosh GRE will be the best option for you.

This online GRE course is highly recommended both for its efficacy and its budget-friendly nature.

How long would it take to prepare for GRE?

GRE is daunting and a lot of students take up GRE every year. It is a different experience for each student. If you are planning to take GRE and looking for different resources to prepare, you should know that it takes about three months of preparation. Though this time-frame is flexible and there are some students that need just a month for preparation.

There are some students that need about 6 months to prepare for the same and some go in for a more elaborate preparation which takes a year or so. You should think about the calendar and how the entire test process fit into the same.

If you want flexibility, you should go in for the Target Test Prep Plan that has a monthly subscription model. It is good to find a course that fits in your schedule or has the option for customization.

Which online GRE course has the best books and study material?

There are plenty of online GRE courses that are available in online-only formats. These courses have games, flashcards, interactive videos and games. These courses can teach you everything that you want to know about GRE course.

If you want pure literary materials, you would be able to get better and thoroughly dedicated materials in a PDF or book format. Though Magoosh GRE is the top rated online GRE course, Kaplan GRE is considered to be best when it comes to the study materials. The GRE set offered by Kaplan GRE is a self-paced online preparation course that gives you the best overall value at a low price.

Kaplan’s study material is rated as the best in terms of quality instructions. It is a sure-fire way to enhance your GRE test score at an affordable rate.

How much do students need to shell out for GRE Prep courses?

There are a lot of online GRE Prep Courses that are available in different forms and include a wide variety of schedules, practice question bank sizes and a lot of additional features that influence their price.

GRE Prep courses cost you somewhere between $100-$1,000 and these prices may vary. You can expect to get frequent discounts. There are more expensive GRE prep classes that feature more one-to-one instructions from the private tutors.

Students can take three hours of one-to-one tutoring sessions that cost $599. No two GRE Prep courses will cost you the same and you need to shell out a different sum for a different course.


There are a lot of GRE aspirants who are left in the lurch in the lack of the right online GRE course. They are advised to select the best GRE course after a thorough online research work. It is good to compare the specific course features, the prices that you need to incur on each and then decide the one that suits you the best.

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