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Medtronic: Be the difference


Be the difference

Founded in April 1949 in Minneapolis, USA, Medtronic is the global leader in medical technology- alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life for people with chronic conditions around the world. Medtronic develops and manufactures a wide range of products and therapies with emphasis on providing a complete continuum of care to diagnose, prevent and monitor chronic conditions.

Each year, Medtronic therapies help more than seven million people.

Company revenue for the year ended April 24, 2009: $14.6 billion.

Medtronic does business in more than 120 countries. The World Headquarters is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Regional Headquarters include Switzerland and Japan.

Key Businesses

  • Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management manages cardiac rhythm disorders to improve long-term patient care. Theses therapies allow physicians to monitor and treat cardiac conditions
  • Neuromodulation provides therapies for chronic pain, movement disorders, spasticity, obsessive compulsive disorder, overactive bladder and urinary retention, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and gastroparesis.
  • Spinal and Biologics offers products that treat a variety of disorders of the cranium and spine. Through the introduction of Minimal Access Spinal Technologies, the business has distinguished itself as a global leader in less-invasive surgical techniques.
  • Diabetes develops advanced diabetes management solutions. We are the world leader in integrated diabetes management systems, insulin pump therapy, continuous glucose monitoring systems and therapy management software.
  • CardioVascular offers a vast portfolio of medical devices and technology that are used to treat an array of chronic diseases affecting the vascular system, including the heart, the aorta and the peripheral arteries.
  • Surgical Technologies develops and manufactures minimally invasive products and techniques that treat a wide range of ear, nose and throat conditions.
  • Physio-Control develops, manufactures and services monitor/defibrillator products for in-hospital, out-of-hospital and public access use.

Career Opportunities

As the world's largest medical technology company, we offer opportunities in numerous geographies, technologies, therapies, and functional areas. You can search open positions and apply online directly from each job listing or send your spontaneous application to

Global Advantage
We serve customers in 120 countries and the opportunities for global experience are almost endless at Medtronic. Whether you work in another country or simply collaborate with peers and physicians from around the world, you can't help but gain a broader perspective.

Medtronic employs ~38,000 people worldwide

Employee Stories
Learn directly from employees about their unique career experiences, why they enjoy working here, and how their varied personal and professional needs are being satisfied. CLICK HERE to find out more.

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Be the difference