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Working in Hungary - Advice & Tips


Hungary joined the EU in May 2004, but Budapest turned into one of the hottest expat locations in the EU in a short period of time, because of its location, but also because of its grandeur, beauty and cosmo-politic atmosphere.

Job hunting in Hungary

Using personal contacts is the most important way of finding yourself a job in Hungary. You might consider an apprenticeship or a period of study in Hungary before starting your job hunt as this will help you to establish a personal network.

Please note that Hungarian employers consider a good academic background, linguistic and computer skills and commercial awareness as indisputable competencies.

The Application Letter

Often, when personal contacts lead to an application procedure, the first phase of having to write an application letter is skipped and replaced by e-mail and telephone contact. However, in all other cases you have to send an application letter and a CV. The covering letter is usually typed and pretty short, about 15 to 20 lines.

The Curriculum Vitae

CVs are usually typewritten and detailed, emphasising your education and practical experience.

Your CV should be one or two pages at the maximum, and can be in chronological order or reversed chronological order. Functional CVs are becoming more and more common, as many companies like to see a biography to be presented in this format.

The Application Procedure

Interviews are the most crucial part of the selection procedure. No rules can be given regarding how many interviews will be held. Usually there are two interviews, i.e. the first is a one-to-one, and the second is a panel interview. As English is usually required for managerial positions, most interviews with international candidates will take place in English, but at least a part of the interview will be conducted in Hungarian.

Hungarian companies as well as multinational firms use psychological tests and assessment centres. Often multinationals use similar selection procedures for their worldwide recruitment activities.

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Looking for work in the 10 EU Accession CountriesNannette Ripmeester is the expatriate affairs consultant to several multinational companies, which she advises regarding the strategy of international assignments and the practical implementation around expat issues.  Ripmeester started her international career at the European Commission, has worked on a project basis in 17 countries and is founder and Managing Director of Expertise in Labour Mobility (
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