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Working in Luxembourg - Advice & Tips


A country without a full higher education system, thus causing students to get their higher education abroad, and a labour force with around 7% of foreigners, is a truly multicultural melting pot when it comes to job hunting and working.

Job hunting in Luxembourg

Speculative applications are common in Luxembourg. All companies, and banks in particular, are used to receiving spontaneous applications, especially from recent graduates. Practical experience, study results, linguistic abilities and obtained diplomas are of major importance. Due to its small size, much recruitment takes place through informal contacts. Do not hesitate to use the phone in your quest for a job.

The Application Letter

Application letters are often hand-written. Unless otherwise stated in the advertisement, the covering letter would normally be written in French or English. When you are aiming at jobs at mainly international companies, your covering letter can often be written in English. The letter should be as brief and concise as possible. The style is formal and emphasis your motivation and quality for the job. It is customary to send copies of diplomas, exam results, certificates and references together with the application. Be aware of the fact that employers in Luxembourg find extracurricular activities of great importance.

The Curriculum Vitae

There are no strict rules for CVs in Luxembourg. The style and content of the CV tends to reflect the candidate’s nationality, rather than to follow a format that is typical for Luxemburg. Usually the CV is written in French or English. Furthermore, include your language skills and a good photograph, and mention extracurricular activities.

The Application Procedure

Selection interviews and use of tests or assessment centres again largely depend on the nationality of the company. Prepare yourself thoroughly for the interview. Expect that your language skills will be tested during the interview, and be prepared for questions on the company’s activities.

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Looking for work in LuxembourgNannette Ripmeester is the expatriate affairs consultant to several multinational companies, which she advises regarding the strategy of international assignments and the practical implementation around expat issues.  Ripmeester started her international career at the European Commission, has worked on a project basis in 17 countries and is founder and Managing Director of Expertise in Labour Mobility (
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