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Scholarships for women


  • Four scholarships for modular executive education programs at ESMT
  • ESMT supporting women in positions of responsibility
  • Application deadline on June 30, 2013

ESMT European School of Management and Technology is offering four scholarships valued at 16,000 EUR each for women in leadership positions for the General Management Seminar (GMS), held in German and the Executive Transition Program (ETP) , held in English. Both programs begin in September 2013. The scholarships are for experienced female leaders who have demonstrated entrepreneurial initiative in the course of their careers and who can demonstrate tangible results in their areas of ​​responsibility.
"In our executive education programs at ESMT, we place great importance on developing outstanding talents from different backgrounds. With these scholarships we want to help talented women take the next, definitive step in their careers,” said Olaf Plotner, Dean of Executive Education at ESMT.
Ana Maria Matei, ETP alumna and member of the board of E.ON Romania, commented, "The valuable management and leadership skills that the ETP has given me have proven to be an important component for the fulfillment of my professional goals. It was especially rewarding to exchange with participants who had very different backgrounds and perspectives.”
The Executive Transition Program is designed for managers who aspire to or have already taken on greater leadership responsibilities. The intensive program takes place in three modules of 10 days each and is held in Berlin, Brussels, and Schloss Gracht near Cologne. The next ETP intake begins in September 2013 and ends in July 2014. The first module provides a foundation of function-oriented management skills, while the second module focuses on cross-functional aspects and includes a stay in Brussels to explore the influence of European institutions on corporate governance and investment opportunities in a globalized world. The third session focuses on putting leadership into action and on the application of acquired knowledge in different contexts.
The General Management Seminar, held in German, is made up of three one-week modules, which take place from September to November 2013 in Schloss Gracht near Cologne. The program is aimed primarily at those managers who are or soon will be senior executives. Areas of focus of GMS include strategic management, team leadership and staff development, negotiations and conflict management, among others.
The scholarships are worth 16,000 EUR each and cover course fees including tuition costs (full tuition for GMS and partial tuition for ETP), educational materials, program-related activities, and meals on campus. Candidates should apply by June 30, 2013, sending a cover letter with a completed application form, a CV, and a statement of motivation and qualification for the scholarship to For the international Executive Transition Program, ESMT particularly encourages international applications

Urs Müller, ETP Program Director, +49 (0) 30 212 31-8057,
Ulrich Linnhoff, GMS Program Director, +49 (0) 2235 406-213,

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