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CHEP is the global leader in container and pallet supply chain solutions for manufacturers and retailers in the raw materials, FMCG and Automotive sectors. Together with our associated company, IFCO, we are part of the Brambles group of Australia. 

You can find out all about us at: and


Now let's get down to business: who are we looking for and why?


Despite the economic problems of the last 5 years, we continue to grow - into new markets, by platform diversification and by lane expansion.

We need to add to our commercial and supply chain teams as well as our executive and management talent pool now and for the future.

We know what we want - on top, that is, of the life skills that everyone needs to operate in the digital and global age: we take those "as read.'

So, you must have not only mental agility but be adaptable on a very practical level to the demands of a developing commercial situation.  Also, it will be natural for you to seek, grasp and exploit opportunities to learn from new experiences at work that take you outside of your comfort zone.

Some sector-related experience (supply chain, retail distribution or FMCG) would be useful, particularly for more specialist roles.


For vacancies within the European Economic Area (EEA):

  • Apart from being qualified to live and work in the EEA, you will be willing to move around the region on a permanent and temporary basis to further your career and to meet our needs.
  • You must be able to use the English language in business as well as at least one other language of the European Union.


Current opportunities are shown on our LinkedIn site at:


"CHEP - large enough to build an exciting career; small enough for you to make a difference.'