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A world leader in mobility and logistics


A world leader in mobility and logistics
SNCF is a world leader in mobility and logistics, present in 120 countries with a total workforce of 246,000 generating revenue of €30.5 billion.

A public-sector group committed to serving the public, SNCF builds on its foundations in rail to offer an extended range of services that ensure door-to-door mobility for clients - passengers, transport and logistics operators, and regional and local Transport Organizing Authoritites.

The group is made up of five divisions:
  •     SNCF Infra: managing, operating, maintaining and developing rail and related infrastructure
  •     SNCF Proximités: operating local, urban and regional passenger services
  •     SNCF Voyages: operating long-distance and high-speed passenger rail services
  •     SNCF Geodis: providing freight and logistic services
  •     Gares & Connexions: charged with train-station management and development
Confronted to competition, SNCF has yet expertise and know-how which are recognised worldwide. Today the Group is leveraging this expertise to win major international contracts -- and to evolve from being a French industrial champion to a world-class provider of multi-modal transport solutions.
SNCF has identified opportunities for profitable growth in key areas where its expertise sets it apart and each of its divisions has an important role to play in shaping the Group's future:
to become the benchmark for rail network expertise and engineering, not just in France but on a European and global basis;
  •  to confirm its status as the world's number 2 public mobility provider and number 1 partner of French regional and local authorities for urban, suburban and regional passenger transport;
  •  to consolidate its leadership of France's high speed rail model throughout Europe;
  •  to reinforce its position as a global multi-modal operator in freight transport and logistics;
  •  to actively co-ordinate train station harmonisation, management and development at the heart of urban life and multi-modal transport solutions.
SNCF recruits engineers, graduates or experienced, who likes challenges, team work, management and also strategic reflexions.

In 2012, SNCF will recruit 10,000 persons among whom 1,000 engineers of every specialty and executives.
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A world leader in mobility and logistics