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Advocacy in International Affairs


Geneva, June 2011, The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies launched a new Executive Certificate – Advocacy in International Affairs in partnership with the international communications consultancy LEIDAR.

The new Executive Education programme – Advocacy in International Affairs, is designed to give participants the skills and leadership needed to execute successful advocacy campaigns and set the international agenda to meet the objectives of their organisations.

"Changes in international affairs and a diverse stakeholder environment demand new models and tools for analysis and action”, said Professor Cedric Dupont, Director of Executive Education at the Graduate Institute. "We welcome the partnership with LEIDAR as well as the new concept of Executive Certificates which are designed to provide working professionals with the highest level of training in a tailored format.”

International affairs and a global communications environment require an in-depth understanding of advocacy and its related tools. The four modules of the Executive Certificate – Advocacy in International Affairs cover; advocacy concepts and practice; public diplomacy and campaigning; governmental affairs and lobbying; and communications programmes.

In addition to the Graduate Institute faculty’s expertise and LEIDAR’s communications experience, the programme’s location is one of its major advantages. "Geneva is home to a wide range of global players:  governmental, international and non governmental organisations, academic institutions and multinational enterprises as well as media and other influential figures. Delivering this course in Geneva, we will be able to draw on both the knowledge of the various players and the deep insights that the Graduate Institute can offer through its research and faculty. We are convinced that we will deliver a unique programme on an international scale”, said Rolf Olsen, CEO of LEIDAR, and the co-Director of the Executive Certificate - Advocacy in International Affairs with Professor Dupont.

The programme is designed for working professionals who aspire to leadership positions or are in charge of their organisation’s advocacy activities hence requiring strong expertise in advocacy in the public and private sector.

The applications are now open and the programme will take place from January to June 2012.

Detailed information on the Executive Certificate in Advocacy in International Affairs is available on the Graduate Institute’s Executive Education website.