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News Story:

Careers at RBS


Simon Mack and Simon Holland explain about their roles at RBS.

Simon Mack

Degree: Mechanical Engineering,

Imperial College London

Business Area: Global Banking & Markets- Trading


Describe what you do

I work on the trading floor of our Bishopsgate office in London. As well as learning what's involved in trading, I write and send out information to clients that give them a trader's perspective on the markets. I cover traders and I often rebuild and improve pricing models which are used to price and hedge big deals.


What training and development have you received?

Like all graduates I had a period of induction training which gave me the foundation knowledge I needed to hit the ground running in my role. Since starting on the desk, I have had access to a huge range of courses that cover all subject areas. And in December I'll be starting the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) course, with both the training and exam being funded by RBS.


What attracted you to RBS?

RBS has a reputation as one of the best trading houses in the world (and the best for many specific product areas). That reputation, coupled with their commitment to investing in graduates and the supportive culture made it the perfect fit for me.


Simon Holland

Degree: Computer Science,

University of Sussex

Business Area: Global Banking & Markets Technology


Describe what you do?

I'm a developer based in Tokyo and, in a nutshell, I write bespoke front office software for our Interest Rate Derivatives Business.


What attracted you to working at RBS?

After a spell working in pure technology, I wanted to broaden my horizons by working in a different industry. Investment Banking seemed like a good choice and everything I read seemed to suggest that RBS had a friendly, professional and positive working environment.


Can you describe a project you have been involved in that's been particularly high-profile or challenging?

In a previous role on the IT infrastructure team we had to physically move dozens of our servers to a new location. It wasn't a simple operation and there could have been serious consequences if anything went wrong. We ended up working through the night and into the next morning, so it was tough but we go there in the end without any major problems and it was an interesting experience to see exactly how all our hardware is set up.


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