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One of the leading energy providers in the world


One of the leading energy providers in the world

The company

One of the leading energy providers in the world, GDF SUEZ is active across the entire energy value chain, in electricity and natural gas, upstream to downstream:

  • Purchasing, production and marketing of natural gas.
  • Transportation, distribution, management and development of major infrastructures for natural gas and electricity.
  • Development and marketing of energy services and environmental services.

The Group develops its businesses (energy, energy services and environment) around a responsible-growth model to take up the great challenges: responding to energy needs, fighting against climate change and maximizing the use of resources.

GDF SUEZ relies on diversified supply sources as well as flexible and highly efficient power generation in order to provide innovative energy solutions to individuals, cities and businesses.

Choosing GDF SUEZ means

  • the possibility of building a career in an international Group operating on all continents and offering a great variety of jobs,
  • the chance of working in sectors with a promising future - energy and environment -which provide essential services and are at the heart of sustainable development issues,
  • joining a Group of 200,650 employees, with a responsible and respectful vision of cultural diversity.

Key figures

  • Activities: Energy, Energy services and Environment (subsidiary SUEZ Environment)
  • Locations: On all continents
  • Employees worldwide: 200,650
  • Global turnover: €79.9 billion in 2009 revenues


GDF SUEZ employees have contributed to the establishment of the Group's four core values:

  • drive - to guarantee performance over the long term for all stakeholders,
  • commitment - to associate the Group's development with respect for the planet,
  • daring - to live in the present with optimism while preparing for the future with creativity,
  • cohesion - to make energy and the environment sustainable sources of progress and development.

GDF SUEZ and the nuclear

Embracing genuinely responsible growth has become a primary concern in the 21st century. Energy lies at the heart of the challenge. In a world where the destiny of mankind and the future of energy are closely linked, the main goal of GDF SUEZ is to make energy a source of progress and development once again. Energy that is available to the greatest number, more reliable, better consumed, more respectful of mankind and the environment.

For GDF SUEZ, an energy mix that includes nuclear energy is the best solution for guaranteeing power supply at a competitive price and contributing to a reduction in the release of greenhouse gas. GDF SUEZ is a pioneer in nuclear energy in Europe with first-class skills both upstream (engineering, purchasing, operations and maintenance) and downstream (waste management and decommissioning).


Any type of degrees (bachelors and masters)

Proposed functions

Trainees (Management, Nuclear, Trading and Portfolio Management), Trader, Portfolio Manager, Project Leader, Project Engineer, Business Developer...

Application period

All year long

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One of the leading energy providers in the world